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Is your business facing the prospect of insolvency or liquidation?

Welcome to Australian Business Insolvency Guide. My name is Tony Gavin. I wrote Australian Business Insolvency Guide and my company owns and operates this website. Like you, I’ve confronted business insolvency. I’ve placed companies I’ve owned into Voluntary Administration. Once, I got caught up in the liquidation of a company that I’d long ago resigned from as a director. I was actually declared bankrupt during “the recession we had to have” in the early 1990’s. I’m telling the truth when I tell you that I know exactly what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. I’ve lived it.

Feeling optimistic?

Most of the business people I’ve ever known are eternal optimists. We tend to focus on the positive. Everything will be OK tomorrow – or next week – or next month – right?. If only that were always true. The bitter truth is that sometimes things just get waaaaaay out of control and our ability to manage everything becomes untenable. We hang in and fight because everything is on the line. We’re often just one screw up away from losing our business, home, cars, private education for our children – and possibly our marriage. It’s an ugly place to be living.

That sinking feeling of doom

Deep down, you already believe that you’re screwed. That’s probably how you’ve ended up visiting this website. You already know that things are spinning out of control and you feel powerless to stop the inevitable. I know, because I’ve felt it too.

Do you know how to stop that feeling of being powerless? Take control. Get some advice. Find out what your best options are. Then take action.

Time to get help

I wrote Australian Business Insolvency Guide and created this website because I know how hard it is to ask the right questions or know who to ask those questions of. I know how embarrassing it is to admit that you have a problem. I know how it feels to take the first step and ask for professional advice – but that’s what you need to do. The starting point in resolving a problem is first identifying the nature of the problem. Until you’ve done that you can’t possibly come up with any solutions.

Take action now

You can download Australian Business Insolvency Guide by buying the book, or you can get a free download of the book by subscribing to our free newsletter, Business Insolvency Help. You can search the many free and highly informative articles on this website. You can use our directory and locate a local insolvency expert that you can reach out to. You can ask us to match you with a Preferred Professional in your area. Maybe you can do all of those things. Whatever you choose to do, good luck in getting back on your feet again.

Tony Gavin | Author & Publisher

Australian Business Insolvency Guide